Eat healthy food and move more every day - HE1333

June 2019
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Simple messages, with pictures, about healthy eating and physical activity.

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June 2019
October 2015
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Eat healthy food and move more every day

This brochure shows how you can eat healthy and move more throughout the day.


Start your day with breakfast

Choose whole grain breads or cereals. Have low- or reduced-fat milkImage showing scrambled eggs on whole grain toast, with sliced tomatoOR Image of porridge with yoghurt and sliced peaches

Image of a cup of tea

Sit less, move more

Doing some physical activity is better than noneImage of parents walking their child to schoolImage of a woman walking up the stairs at work


Enjoy a variety of healthy foods

Try to include vegetables and/or fruit with all meals

Make your own lunchImage of a homemade lunch - wholegrain sandwich with lettuce and tomato, a pottle of yoghurt with blueberries and an apple

Leftovers are a great choiceImage of leftovers for lunch - a healthy salad and whole grain bread

Drink plenty of waterImage of a woman drinking water

Be active throughout the day

Do some moderate or vigorous physical activities

Moderate activitiesImage of people playing touch rugbyImage of people riding bikes


Take time to enjoy a meal with others

Have plenty of vegetablesImage of an evening meal with meat, carrot, silverbeet, pumpkin and potato.

Add a can of beans or lentils to the meal to make it go furtherImage of wraps filled with meat, salad and beans

Do activities you enjoy

Strengthen your muscles

Vigorous activitiesImage of a man with a backpack hiking up a hillImage of people doing waka ama

Choose healthy snacks and drinks between meals

Go for snacks rich in vitamins and minerals and low in saturated fat, added sugar and saltImage of carrot, celery, tomatoes and a hummus dipImage of pieces of cut fruit in a containerImage of a handful of unsalted nuts

Tap water is bestImage of a glass being filled with water from a tap

More information

For more information, see the booklet Healthy Eating, Active Living (code HE1518).

For easy, fast and aff ordable food ideas, visit the Healthy Kids website ( For fun ideas to keep your family active, visit the Healthy Kids website (