Gambling Host Responsibility

Gamble Host resources for venues, hosts and trainers

The following resources will help you meet gambling host responsibilities. They can be used by pokie trusts, Class 4 venues, staff members in pubs and clubs, and more.

These resources are designed by experts and in partnership with the Department of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Health. They're also produced with feedback from gaming societies, Clubs NZ, staff, and people who gamble.

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Regional venue screen videos

More Gamble Host resources

Other resources are available, including posters, pamphlets and templates.

The majority of Gamble Host resources can be viewed, downloaded, or ordered from the Health Promotion resources shop.

Gambling Host Responsibility training videos

It's essential for venue staff to develop and maintain best practice host responsibility skills.

This playlist contains a series of 11 videos that can be used as part of the training process.

These videos align with the Gambling (Harm Prevention and Minimisation) Regulations 2004.

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