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August 2023
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Bright images with minimal wording illustrate interesting facts about what functions the kidneys perform. General adult information, for use by anyone to promote and support kidney health. A3 & A4 posters/leaflets. English and te reo Māori.

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August 2023
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Make urine

Hanga mimi

Kidneys control how much salt and water is in your body by making 1-2 litres of urine every day

Remove waste

Tango para
Kidneys NEVER stop cleaning your blood. Waste is removed from your body in your urine.

Keep blood pressure healthy

Kia mau tonu te hauora o te toto

Kidneys make hormones which tell your heart to relax

Control the making of red blood cells

Te whakahaere i te hanga o ngā toto whero

Hormones from your kidneys tell your body when to make red
blood cells. These cells carry oxygen around your body.

Keep bones strong

Kia kaha ngā wheua

Vitamin D is made in your kidneys, ready for bones to use

Work harder than any other organ

Mahi kaha ake atu te whatukuhu o te tinana

Kidneys use 25% of the blood from every heartbeat. Healthy kidneys help you have a healthy heart!