How we make our Pasifika meals healthier English HE2655

May 2024
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Tips and meal ideas for healthy eating based on traditional Pacific dishes.

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May 2024
May 2024
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Every food has a different job in your body. This is why it is important to eat a variety of foods every day for wellbeing.

Add Frozen Veggies

I make leftovers stretch by adding frozen veggies. And because the veggies have fibre they help to fill hungry teenagers.

Reduce Saturated Fat

We want to look after our hearts so we remove the fat from meat, drain the fat from corned beef, and water down coconut cream.

Make Meals Stretch

Our family adds a can of beans or lentils to mince dishes. It makes the meal much cheaper and go further.

Do some Meal Prep

On Sundays my daughter and I prepare food for everyone’s lunchbox to make it easier during the week - we boil eggs, slice cheese and chop up veggies.

Keep Veggies’ Goodness

I grew up eating mushy veggies but now we cook them for less time and enjoy having more crunch.

Replace the Salt

The doctor told me I needed to reduce salt to help my blood pressure stay in a healthy range. I now add extra flavour with lemon juice, spices and herbs.