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February 2024
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Simple messages, with pictures, about healthy eating. This resource was co-produced with the Pacific community and uses Pasifika design.

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February 2024
February 2024
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For Pasifika, health is how you feel, your strength, and your connection with family.
Here are six tips that can help you nourish your and your family’s health and wellbeing:

  • Keep up your veggies and fruit

I started adding frozen veggies to leftovers for lunch to give my body more goodness.

  • Aim to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner to keep you satisfied

When I eat breakfast, I have much more energy for my day.

  • Include water as your first choice for hydration

Our family chooses to drink water with meals. It is safe and good for everyone.

  • Learn and respond to your body’s hungry and full cues

Before I reach for seconds I ask myself - am I feeling full? Or am I still hungry?

  • Less ready-to-eat packaged foods and takeaways

This winter we have been cooking more food at home, and have noticed we don’t get sick as often.

  • It’s easier to eat healthy when you plan your meals

Having a meal plan for the week and taking leftovers for lunch saves our family a lot of time and money.