Keeping an Eye on Your Child's Vision (B4 School Vision Screening) - English version - HE2278

July 2023
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Information in English for vision technicians to give to parents/caregivers when the child has passed vision screening for amblyopia (lazy eye/squint), as part of routine Well Child health checks.

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July 2023
July 2023
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Vision Screening

As part of the B4 School Check, your child was screened for amblyopia (lazy eye/squint) and is not thought to have this condition.

Not all vision problems are covered by this screening. Some children who pass this screen may have other vision problems or could develop a vision problem later.

Keeping an eye on your child’s vision

If your child has learning or reading difficulties, is clumsier than usual for their age, screws their eyes up or tilts their head to see, or has frequent headaches, this may mean he/she has a vision problem.

Your child will NOT have their vision checked again until they are in Year 7, so if you are concerned about your child’s vision or eyes it is important that you visit an optometrist or ophthalmologist.

If your child does have a vision problem, finding it early is good for their learning and development.

If in doubt - check it out!

For further information about children’s vision screening, or to download this brochure, visit the Ministry of Health website or call the free 24-hour health advice service, Healthline (0800 611 116).